Bringing the Cloche Hat into the 21st Century in three sizes

Bringing the Cloche Hat into the 21st Century in three sizes

whhop whoop, ? I just finished designing and making my first cloche hat. I have called the crochet pattern Cloche Sun Hat

My challenge? To design a hat crochet pattern to incorporate a unique back flip hat, cloche style with a “built-in” bow as one continuous pattern, and not applied afterward. Really chuffed at the result ?

The Cloche crochet hat instructions come in three sizes; Small, medium, and large.

The whole piece is worked in a spiral, in the round in single crochet with RS facing throughout.  It is therefore not joined with a slst at the end of each round.  The bow is also worked with the brim of the hat as a continued one piece with cap
Although I have given instructions on how to stiffen the brim edge, this is not essential
You will find this round-by-round pattern instruction is easy and relaxing to recreate

Although I did not use Raffia as I prefer something softer on my head, nothing stops you however from using raffia as a substitute,  as long as you watch your gauge

Of course, the front decoration is optional. You can put anything or nothing at all.  I used silk flowers which I separated each bud, leaf and then attached first the rose, then the leaves, and lastly the buds by applying hot glue

Did you know the pattern, as with all my patterns, as a thank you gift to you, I include in your instant downloadable .pdf pattern a print-to-cut out & make a matching pattern envelop to store your pattern. You can get the pattern, Cloche Sun Hat directly from my website or directly from this link

Standard Pattern Measurement Conversion to Age

I get asked so many times, why does it not show what age a baby pattern give, instead it will be in cm or ins or both.  The easy answer is because each baby is different in size at any given age.  However, lets solve for the average standard size as referred to in any pattern, be it vintage or new

I know facing the dilemma of which size to knit suitable for prem babies or does it start from 3 months, dilemma is glaring you, causing unnecessary frustration on starting a lovely pattern you want to create.  This is the same for children and Adults.  It is expected you just measure the chest, but I hear you, you do not always have that on hand, after all we often make things for others

Standard pattern instructions normally refer to Chest measurements, but can also include:

  1. Sleeve length (underarm to cuff)
  2. Body length from underarm to hem

See the chart given below to match up to international standard sizes from 0 to 4XL

It is obviously always better to have a perfect fit, say if you making for yourself, have you noticed, some patterns, when completed you would have preferred shorter or longer sleeves or length.

This is extremely easy to adjust.  Taking this example, if you fall under the M size category, it shows the sleeve will be 19ins long, but ideally, I would like one inch longer.  So, what do you do now?

Extending or shortening the length

This is where Gauge verification is vitally important.  The Pattern says 23 sts and 28 rows over 10 cm and/or 4 inches square swatch

As I need to lengthen by 2.5 cm (1 inch) simply divide the 28 rows by 4, even if you are working in cm, as 2.5cm x 4 gives you 10cm

This then gives you 7 rows, so all you do is continue to knit another 7 rows

Shortening the length

The same, except instead of adding you will deduct the 7 rows from the number of rows indicated in the instructions

I hope the explanation will now help you with your next project correct, just as you want it

Lemon Tea Cosy

Lemon Tea Cosy

Lemon Tea Cosy
Lemon Tea Cosy

The Lemon Tea Cosy was inspired by my new kitchen theme in my country home in the heart of France countryside. How could I not have a tea cosy to go with my new kitchen, whilst sitting at our bistro-style table and chairs, facing out of the kitchen window

I loved it so much I thought I would make it available for you to make too

It is all crochet, and consists of creating 3 whole lemons, 2-halves of a sliced open lemon, 6 lemon slices, 11 lemon leaves and 6 flowers

I decided to also crochet a lovely ‘mock’ doily at the bottom of the cosy, it really does finish the whole cosy so well, but you can leave this out if you dont like it. I made mine for display more, but already onto another one, but this time with a white cosy, leaving everything else the same

The direct link to the crochet pattern is at this link or why not visit the whole website of my designs, which includes plenty of other tea cosies for you to make. Some are purely crochet patterns, others all knitted patterns and then my earlier ones have a mix of both techniques

When you decide to make this Lemon Tea Cosy or any of the other tea cosies I had you in mind when writing out the pattern, step by step, hints, tips and comments to make a difference to your enjoyment of creating this Lemon tea cosy. 4

Of course try any other patterns, whichever one you choose you will receive my exclusive matching cutout-to-make envelope to store you pattern in, as I am sure you will not only make it once, like me

Take care and virtual big hugs to you

Strawberry Field little Girls dress with matching booties

Strawberry Field little Girls dress with matching booties

Once upon a time I designed a strawberry baby dress layette. Then few years ago I withdrew the pattern off the market, with the intention of ‘revamping’ the whole presentation. I have been asked a good couple of years to have it available again. Due to many reasons I just did not get round to doing it, not intentionally. But on a recent long journey, with hubby at the steering wheel I seized the moment on finally working on my new design I had in my mind, this time all knitted. The original was a combination of knitted and crochet. – So here we have, Strawberry Field Dress Set now available to you make

Sizes given are for 3-6 months  |  12 months  |  18 months  However booties are for 3-6 months and 12 months.  But if you want for Newborn to 3 months, make the booties with  2 sizes smaller i.e. instead of 3.5mm needles use 3mm needles or if you using 4mm needles then use 3.5mm needles.  The other amendment tip is as the booties is so much smaller then the leaf will not be necessary on the bootie, just make a flower, which acts as a make believe button, after all it is a false strap  haha

Strawberry field dress set image


Christopher Robin Jacket

Christopher Robin Jacket

Don’t you just love Winnie the Pooh Bear and of course the little boy, Christopher Robin?  I can so see Christopher Robin wear it, can’t you?

The pattern covers a great age range from 1 to 10 years
Age/Measurements :        1-2 years    |    2-3 years     |     4-5 years     |      6-7 years    |  8-10 years
To fit chest Size:       52cm (8ins)  | 56cm(22ins)   |   61cm (24ins)  |  66cm (26ins)  | 71cm (28ins)

Can you believe it is nearly 100 years celebration of the first publication (1924) of this lovely story is drawing ever closer, yet never forgotten

This lovely jacket appropriately called Christopher Robin Jack is so cute.  Not only is is easy to make but so quick to knit up.  It uses  Aran (10ply) yarn
–  The whole jacket is knitted on the flat
–  4.5mm & 5mm (US 7 & 8) single pointed knitting needles

As with all my patterns you will also get a print-to-cutout and make matching envelope to store your pattern in



Over the Rainbow Short-sleeve cardigan top

Over the Rainbow Short-sleeve cardigan top

There is just no excuse not to be able to create a turn head short sleeve cardigan top, as this knitting pattern, called “Over the Rainbow uses basic knitting stitches and super bulky yarn.  It is therefore, so quick and easy to make.  The end result being absolutely stunning as you can see, but in reality even better

The pattern has a delicate “castle” effect on the bottom of the cardigan hem and the sleeve hem, but this should not deter anyone trying as a relative novice could give it a go.  Did I say a novice? the pattern is combined with the beautiful yarn color combination makes it just as exciting for a experienced knitter to enjoy

The cleaver pattern gives you a lovely body shape, even if in reality you don’t really have one, whoop whoop, bonus!

With the pattern you get a matching print-to-make envelope to store the pattern in as you sure will want to make it again.

over the rainbow cardigan knitting pattern

Although the original was made using Katia Inca, No.104 it can easily be worked using the equally beautiful Sirdar Kiko or   Rico Design, Creative Bonbon Super Chunky, all that is left is for your to make the decision which one!

The direct link to the pattern is here
Bare Foot Sandals

Bare Foot Sandals

There is nothing like walking on the beach sand for exfoliating ones feet, or lazing around a pool wearing sandals or shoes that are not shoes!

So popular for beach weddings too, so why not make them yourself

Materials suitable are beads, charms, feathers, anything light enough to hang together and won’t be too heavy
For lasting wear I recommend you use good quality crochet or knitting DK (Light Worsted) yarn and a 3mm(US D) crochet hook

Oh did I mention, you can get a FREE copy of this pattern with any pattern you purchase, through the website that uses a crochet hook.  Even those patterns which uses both knitting and crochet techniques you get this pattern for free as an instant downloadable .pdf

The written pattern include images and suggestions.  WOW now only left is to decide whether to make these or the purchased pattern first, decisions, decisions, mmmmm

If for some unknown reason you did not receive your copy of this free pattern with your download, just simply email giving the date you purchased your pattern and which pattern


Oh wait, I forgot, the pattern is also available for just U$1.98, cool, here is the link

Geraniums Tea Cosy that never need watering, so life-like

Geraniums Tea Cosy that never need watering, so life-like

Geranium Tea Cosy


Geraniums in a terracotta pot

The inspiration for my Geranium Tea Cosy pattern









I just love Geraniums, reminds me of my homeland, Italy. Geraniums everywhere during Spring to Autumn. I have them in my garden terracotta pots & have been meaning to make a tea cosy for over a year now. After a lot of thought on how to go about it (and finding the time) after all the excitement of the announcement of me finally becoming a grandmother, I have finally put my idea into practice. I have the pattern available for you at my website:, as well at Etsy, at this link:…/sho…/Nowmine/tools/listings/498499489

I am now busy on the same pattern, but on more subtle colors, for those that like a more ‘calmer’ look, yet not compromising on the ‘realism’ of the plant.  I will upload a photo once it is done

I have also attached my inspiration photo I used to make up my pattern, you be the judge, did I get it right?


Knitted Baby to Toddler Dungaree Playsuit

Knitted Baby to Toddler Dungaree Playsuit

This is just too cute to resist, called Playful Dungarees.  Plus the pattern is so easy to follow and make.  Clear instructions are given for 3 months,  6 months,  12 months and 24 month child.

It is suitable for both girl or boy, so it is a great pattern should you need to knit something up and you not sure yet what the sex of the child is

The whole dungaree play-suit is knitted in purl/knit that a fairly novice could knit it up.

It is a quick pattern to work too, what more do you want.  Oh of course you get the matching pattern envelope to cut and make up, to store the pattern in, which comes together with the immediate downloadable pattern

The original pattern was worked using the lovely Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK which means you could easily use any other similar type of yarn, as the tension and gauge, worked on stotcking stich with 4mm (Us 5 / UK 8) knitting needs is 21sts to 28 rows to achieve 10x10cm / 4×4 ins

You can get the pattern from  or at the direct link page, being


Easy and quick to make a Reversable Sleeved Shawl Knitting Pattern

Easy and quick to make a Reversable Sleeved Shawl Knitting Pattern

This fully reversible Sunset Sleeved Shawl (cardigan)  comes with instructions for six sizes:

81/86 91/96 102/107 112/117 122/127 132/137 cm
32/34 36/38 40/42 44/46 48/50 52/54 ins
The fairly quick to make is available for just for U$4.98 at   or click here to get the pattern direct
It is so comfortable to wear and unrestricted
When worn on the patterned (purl side) the front folds gently down and when worn on the reversed side (knitted pattern side) the front rolls into a lovely rolled collar. Either way it looks and feels so great to wear
Uses DK/Worsted yarn & size 4mm (US 6 / UK 8) 35cm long single pointed knitting needles or circular needles
SUNSET Reversible Cardigan
Noddy Knitting Pattern

Noddy Knitting Pattern

Oh my, look at this pattern available as a knitting pattern for anyone to make and go down nostalgic lane and continue the much loved character we all love and still enjoy.  I have always wondered why Enid Blyton has never been given much recognition,  It is a shame, politically correct or not, she is a legend and wrote so many successful novels for children, both older and for the young ones.

This pattern of Noddy  comes with so many nice clear photos and easy to follow written instructions.

Although the original

Height when finished size is approximately 35.5 cm (14 inches)  from the sole of feet to top of head, without hat and shoes, worked in stocking stitch using DK yarn with size 3mm(US 2 / UK 11) knitting needles, approx.  24 stitches x 32 rows = 10cm x 10cm (4ins x 4ins).  Noddy can easily be made bigger by using larger needles & thicker yarn.  However the size given is a lovely manageable size, enjoyed by babies to children to play with

To get the pattern immediately, go to



T Bee Cosy Patterns on Sale – ALL under $5

T Bee Cosy Patterns on Sale – ALL under $5

Don’t you find searching for things to fill Xmas stockings that is useful yet not costly and also presents to give, hard and tedious?

At you will find all patterns have been marked down to UNDER $5 – wow

It does not matter whether you buy one or 10 or more, there is no limit

All you need to do:

  1. Log into your profile registered at
  2. Select the pattern/s you want.
  3. Select make payment (PayPal),

Then jingle bells you will find your pattern/s in your profile account.  Ready for you to download as a gift or make, whenever you want

Beatrix Flufftail & Peter Bunny Rabbit to knit

Beatrix Flufftail & Peter Bunny Rabbit to knit

Two knitting patterns can be bought together for a reduced price in toy form, of the popular Beatrix Flufftail Bunny Rabbit Tea Cosy &  Peter Bunny Rabbit tea cosy is now available

For a reduced special price for both of US 9.85 only – here is the link

If you want to buy them individually, here is the direct link
Beautrix Flufftail has just come back from the vegetable patch and and harvested a perfect cabbage – link
Peter Bunny Rabbit managed for harvest 3 perfect carrots – link

Both these knitting patterns are so quick and easy to make & only basic stitches & knitting knowledge required

Close up photos are given with clear written instructions.  For those that like to work with graphs, you have also been catered for.  There are 2 graphs, one for the dress and the other for the apron

BONUS:  Instructions come with exact knitted markers where ears are to be attached, taking out any guess work or for those that are worried to try to attempt this easy pattern

SAMPLE FINISHED MEASUREMENT: Top of head (excluding ears) to bottom of feet = approximately 20cm| 8inches
(To make him smaller just use smaller or larger size knitting needles and yarn)

What you need
50g Double Knit (DK): BEIGE | PINK (for Beatrix Flufftail) | BLUE (for Peter Bunny Rabbit)
Oddments of Double Knit (DK): WHITE | DARK BROWN | OLIVE GREEN | ORANGE (for Bunny Rabbit)
(Tail Optional: Off-white shaggy “mock fur” yarn for tail, otherwise use white)

  • Knitting Needles, Single Pointed: 3mm(US: C/D 2/3, UK: 12)
    Yarn Needle
    Small amount of toy stuffing (Preferably the polyester small round ball type)
    Each bunny needs 2x  3-4mm black glass beads for eyes (optional, instructions also given how to embroider the eyes instead, for extra safety)

As with all my patterns, as a gift to you, included in your instant downloadable .pdf pattern is a print-to-cut out & make matching envelop, to store your pattern
beatrix flufftail bunny rabbit Peter Bunny Rabbit toy to knit

Beatrix Flufftail Bunny Rabbit Tea Cosy

Beatrix Flufftail Bunny Rabbit Tea Cosy

Now you can have your childhood memories each time you have a good cuppa tea, or go past your display of tea cosy, with this oh so cute  Beatrix Flufftail Bunny Rabbit Tea Cosy

The pattern includes the instructions for the cabbage, not the carrots, that will be with Peter Bunny Rabbit instructions

The knitted tea cosy is available in written knitting pattern or you can buy it already made

This is the direct link to obtain the pattern at the cheapest price on the internet

There are others in this series to be launched soon so have a look at for Peter Bunny Rabbit, not only in tea cosy but will be available as a toy

Not only make it for yourself, but what a lovely birthday or special gift to someone, especially if they have everything or you have run out of idea what to give!

  • The amazing this is only Basic knitting Skills is needed
    Knitted on the flat with single pointed needles
    American terminology with metric measurements
    Written instructions with some clear images
    Basic knitting stitches are used


As with all Marcelline Simonotti patterns, as a gift to you, included in your instant downloadable .pdf pattern is a print-to-cut out & make matching envelop, to store your pattern

Reversible Infinity Scarf, cowl or neck warmer

Reversible Infinity Scarf, cowl or neck warmer

This is a lovely pattern that can so easily be adaptable in any color combination you want.  The crochet pattern is called Reversible Diamond Cowl Scarflette

The instructions come with 3+ sizes, neck warmer . cowl / infinity scarf,  plus how to make it easily into a much longer infinity scarf

It appears as if it is two layers of pattern, one being diamond and the other small polka dots, however it is the way you work in the diamond pattern that the polka dots appear naturally, genius!

You can use  any yarn, however sample image was worked with Soft Bamboo DK yarn & Crochet Hook Size:  3mm  &  3.5mm (UK 11 & 9  / US  D3 & E4)

Skills needed – Intermediate
American terminology is used with metric sizes
Color change within a row are shown as part of the written instructions, and many supporting images to the written instructions for extra reference (if you need it)

As with all Marcelline Simonotti patterns, as a gift to you, included in your instant downloadable .pdf pattern is a print-to-cut out & make matching envelop, to store your pattern

crochet diamond stitch infinity scarf

Funky color combinations of the crochet diamond stitch infinity scarf – cowl