Bringing the Cloche Hat into the 21st Century in three sizes

Bringing the Cloche Hat into the 21st Century in three sizes

whhop whoop, ūüéČ I just finished designing and making my first cloche hat. I have called the crochet pattern Cloche Sun Hat

My challenge? To design a hat crochet pattern to incorporate a unique back flip hat, cloche style with a “built-in” bow as one continuous pattern, and not applied afterward. Really chuffed at the result ūüŹÜ

The Cloche crochet hat instructions come in three sizes; Small, medium, and large.

The whole piece is worked in a spiral, in the round in single crochet with RS facing throughout.  It is therefore not joined with a slst at the end of each round.  The bow is also worked with the brim of the hat as a continued one piece with cap
Although I have given instructions on how to stiffen the brim edge, this is not essential
You will find this round-by-round pattern instruction is easy and relaxing to recreate

Although I did not use Raffia as I prefer something softer on my head, nothing stops you however from using raffia as a substitute,  as long as you watch your gauge

Of course, the front decoration is optional. You can put anything or nothing at all.  I used silk flowers which I separated each bud, leaf and then attached first the rose, then the leaves, and lastly the buds by applying hot glue

Did you know the pattern, as with all my patterns, as a thank you gift to you, I include in your instant downloadable .pdf pattern a print-to-cut out & make a matching pattern envelop to store your pattern. You can get the pattern, Cloche Sun Hat directly from my website or directly from this link

Standard Pattern Measurement Conversion to Age

I get asked so many times, why does it not show what age a baby pattern give, instead it will be in cm or ins or both.  The easy answer is because each baby is different in size at any given age.  However, lets solve for the average standard size as referred to in any pattern, be it vintage or new

I know facing the dilemma of which size to knit suitable for prem babies or does it start from 3 months, dilemma is glaring you, causing unnecessary frustration on starting a lovely pattern you want to create.  This is the same for children and Adults.  It is expected you just measure the chest, but I hear you, you do not always have that on hand, after all we often make things for others

Standard pattern instructions normally refer to Chest measurements, but can also include:

  1. Sleeve length (underarm to cuff)
  2. Body length from underarm to hem

See the chart given below to match up to international standard sizes from 0 to 4XL

It is obviously always better to have a perfect fit, say if you making for yourself, have you noticed, some patterns, when completed you would have preferred shorter or longer sleeves or length.

This is extremely easy to adjust.  Taking this example, if you fall under the M size category, it shows the sleeve will be 19ins long, but ideally, I would like one inch longer.  So, what do you do now?

Extending or shortening the length

This is where Gauge verification is vitally important.  The Pattern says 23 sts and 28 rows over 10 cm and/or 4 inches square swatch

As I need to lengthen by 2.5 cm (1 inch) simply divide the 28 rows by 4, even if you are working in cm, as 2.5cm x 4 gives you 10cm

This then gives you 7 rows, so all you do is continue to knit another 7 rows

Shortening the length

The same, except instead of adding you will deduct the 7 rows from the number of rows indicated in the instructions

I hope the explanation will now help you with your next project correct, just as you want it

T Bee Cosy Patterns on Sale – ALL under $5

T Bee Cosy Patterns on Sale – ALL under $5

Don’t you find searching for things to fill Xmas stockings that is useful yet not costly and also presents to give, hard and tedious?

At you will find all patterns have been marked down to UNDER $5 – wow

It does not matter whether you buy one or 10 or more, there is no limit

All you need to do:

  1. Log into your profile registered at
  2. Select the pattern/s you want.
  3. Select make payment (PayPal),

Then jingle bells you will find your pattern/s in your profile account.  Ready for you to download as a gift or make, whenever you want

Teddy Marcello, the new kid on the block

Teddy Marcello, the new kid on the block

Here is an exclusive cutie pie of a teddy called, Teddy Marcello which is all knitted in stocking stitch on the flat, and therefore fairly novice knitter could create this adorable bear

The knitting pattern comes with lots of close up photos with clear written instructions

Although¬†yarn used and size given, the pattern is so versatile¬†Teddy Marcello¬†can easily be made smaller or larger¬†by simply using thicker or thinner yarn and needles. ¬†The original measures: ¬†SEATED appox. 21cm (8 ¬ĺ ins) / STANDINGT: approx. 27cm (10 ¬Ĺ ins), using:

  • Knitting needles: 3mm / UK 11 / US 2.5
  • 1 ball of 50g Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots Baby Fashion DK (Shade 0958 – STONE) – Main color
  • 100g (small amount) Hayfield Bonus DK (Shade 816 – WHEAT) – Contrast color
  • 100g (small amount) Hayfield Bonus DK (Shade 947 – CHOCOLATE) – Accent color
  • Toy polyester stuffing (preferably the round ball type)
  • Yarn needle & Scissors

No plastic eyes or joints of any sort is used just pure safe yarn throughout – safety all the way

To obtain the pattern you can just click here

Ladybug Baby beanie cap and booties

Ladybug Baby beanie cap and booties

Here is a lovely pattern specially whimsical, super cute yet so practical and quick to make.  The pattern, Ladybug Baby Beanie Cap and Booties instructions are given for :    0-3 months | 3-6 months | 6-12 months
(The Sample image shown is knitted for birth-3 months old)

Quick & easy to knit in DK yarn (sample knitted in Rowan Handknit Cotton DK)
The pattern is knitted on the flat (not in the round) with single pointed needles, and so easy to make
American terminology with metric measurements included
Using Size 3 & 3.5mm(US 11 /9-10,  UK 2/3-4) Single pointed Knitting Needles  &   Crochet Hook Size 3mm(US D3,  UK 11)


As with all our Marcelline Simonotti pattens, as a gift to you, included in your instant downloadable .pdf pattern is a print-to-cut out & make matching envelop, to store your pattern

Get this lovely Ladybug Baby Beanie Cap and Booties pattern here

Oh baby! Booties & Peek Beanie Cap

Oh baby! Booties & Peek Beanie Cap

Oh Baby! Booties and Baby Beanie Cap with peek was knitted, using this yarn.  However any DK yarn can be used to make up the pattern to look just as unique
oh baby! booties and beanie cap logooh baby! booties

The pattern instructions is for 0-3 months | 3-6 months | 6-9 months | 9-12 months

The shades & quantity used to make up this sample set in the image is:  100g Natural White (251) | 50g Navy (358) | 50g Red (215)

rowan handknit cotton DK

Rowan Handknit cotton DK

How great will it look with these color combinations to complete as a sailor set.  However change the colours & this unique pattern is so versatile it will look just as cute and for any outfit for your precious boy or girl

How to Join T Bee Cosy

How to Join T Bee Cosy

How to Register/Join – all you have to do to join is one of 2 ways:

  1.  Put something in your cart and go thru the process of purchasing, up to the stage of selecting pay via Paypal.  But if you are just wanting to join at this stage then stop short of physically logging into you Paypal account.  Your account would have now been created with
  2. The obvious other way to register is to purchase an item.

REMEMBER to fill in ALL the fields otherwise it will not allow you to register

From then on you will just login in the normal manner anytime and never go thru that process of registering. You can then go into your cart and remove the initial item you selected to register, if you did not intend to buy it.

1/12th Scale Miniature Stag Fair-isle Jumper for your dollhouse

1/12th Scale Miniature Stag Fair-isle Jumper for your dollhouse

One of my very first designs I put into a knitting pattern for miniaturists to buy under my shop called Tom Thumb Miniatures.  I have 2 other I made, in 1990’s.  I will get around to someday upload it to my blog

Obviously you need to be comfortable to use small hair pin needles, ultimately I use .8 and 1mm needles and fine 1-ply wool/yarn from say fine knitting machine yarn cone



Dandelion & Cosmos Field Mouse Tea Cosy

Dandelion & Cosmos Field Mouse Tea Cosy

This is a show piece for all to admire each time you bring out the tea and never hide away your tea pot!

Another stunner of a tea cosy to make. Here is the link