Lemon Tea Cosy

Lemon Tea Cosy

Lemon Tea Cosy
Lemon Tea Cosy

The Lemon Tea Cosy was inspired by my new kitchen theme in my country home in the heart of France countryside. How could I not have a tea cosy to go with my new kitchen, whilst sitting at our bistro-style table and chairs, facing out of the kitchen window

I loved it so much I thought I would make it available for you to make too

It is all crochet, and consists of creating 3 whole lemons, 2-halves of a sliced open lemon, 6 lemon slices, 11 lemon leaves and 6 flowers

I decided to also crochet a lovely ‘mock’ doily at the bottom of the cosy, it really does finish the whole cosy so well, but you can leave this out if you dont like it. I made mine for display more, but already onto another one, but this time with a white cosy, leaving everything else the same

The direct link to the crochet pattern is at this link or why not visit the whole website of my designs, which includes plenty of other tea cosies for you to make. Some are purely crochet patterns, others all knitted patterns and then my earlier ones have a mix of both techniques

When you decide to make this Lemon Tea Cosy or any of the other tea cosies I had you in mind when writing out the pattern, step by step, hints, tips and comments to make a difference to your enjoyment of creating this Lemon tea cosy. 4

Of course try any other patterns, whichever one you choose you will receive my exclusive matching cutout-to-make envelope to store you pattern in, as I am sure you will not only make it once, like me

Take care and virtual big hugs to you

Red 5 Roses Tea Cosy Pattern

Red 5 Roses Tea Cosy Pattern

Oh my oh my what a stunning tea cosy with 5 red roses and a black and white black background.  This Red Roses Tea Cosy project is done all in crochet

Crochet can’t get any more beautiful!

The pattern for this Red Roses Tea Cosy is quick & easy to make.  Instructions are for a 4-6-cup Tea Pot however instructions are given if you want to make it smaller or longer

The written instructions come with supporting photos supplied.  Here is the direct link to this pattern.  Only cost $5.50

You only need to know basic crochet stitches to achieve this, yes hard to believe, but I promise you it is so easy and ever so rewarding
American terminology & includes METRIC measurements

Worsted (Pullskein)  Black & White  and Double Knit yarn is used for all the decorations

As with all Marcelline Simonotti patterns, as a gift to you, included in your instant downloadable .pdf pattern is a print-to-cut out & make matching envelop, to store your pattern

However if you want to purchase this tea cosy ready made for you, then here is the link: https://www.tbeecosy.com/product/red-roses-tea-cosy-ready-made/