Strawberry Field little Girls dress with matching booties

Strawberry Field little Girls dress with matching booties

Once upon a time I designed a strawberry baby dress layette. Then few years ago I withdrew the pattern off the market, with the intention of ‘revamping’ the whole presentation. I have been asked a good couple of years to have it available again. Due to many reasons I just did not get round to doing it, not intentionally. But on a recent long journey, with hubby at the steering wheel I seized the moment on finally working on my new design I had in my mind, this time all knitted. The original was a combination of knitted and crochet. – So here we have, Strawberry Field Dress Set now available to you make

Sizes given are for 3-6 months  |  12 months  |  18 months  However booties are for 3-6 months and 12 months.  But if you want for Newborn to 3 months, make the booties with  2 sizes smaller i.e. instead of 3.5mm needles use 3mm needles or if you using 4mm needles then use 3.5mm needles.  The other amendment tip is as the booties is so much smaller then the leaf will not be necessary on the bootie, just make a flower, which acts as a make believe button, after all it is a false strap  haha

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Fruit Salad anyone?!   aka Fruit Salad Tea Cozy Pattern to make

Fruit Salad anyone?! aka Fruit Salad Tea Cozy Pattern to make

Like what!!!  This so ‘real’ fruit salad in a bowl tea cozy is so striking and beautiful you so want to eat it.  Your taste buds just can’t get over it is not edible!

This Fruit Salad Tea Cozy Pattern  is so quick & easy to make, so any one should be able to make it,.  It has written instructions and also images,

It will be any average 4-6-cup Tea Pot

The tea cozy itself is knitted on the flat with single pointed needles, including the bee
The decorations are all made with basic crochet stitches, including the spoon

American terminology is used and includes with metric measurements

To get this pattern, click on this link


Not only will you get the instant .pdf downloadable pattern in your profile, the pattern includes a print-to-cut out & make matching envelop, to store your pattern, ready for any future easy access.