Water Lily & Dragonfly and Honey Bee Tea Cozy

Water Lily & Dragonfly and Honey Bee Tea Cozy

The latest pattern tea cozy, Water lily with a Dragonfly and honey bee.  

Part of the Botanical gardens range of tea cozies by Marcelline Simonotti.  The botanical name is Nymphaeaceae  and they live as rhizomatous aquatic herbs in temperate and tropical climates around the world.  They are great for filtering water however they do not like polluted water,  Great for fish

Such a versatile color to match any decor as the water lily can also be knitted with a light yellow flower or any color you wish

The pattern comes with a matching envelop to print-cut-out and make, to store the pattern for prosperity and can be purchased  at www.tbeecosy.com, directly at  this link

The tea cozy itself is knitted in chunky and the decorations in DK (Double knit)



Anyone for chocolates?

This design, called Chocolate Box Tea Cosy is all ALL knitted and called Chocolate Box Tea Cozy.  It all came about after indulging myself into a box of chocolates!

Then I thought mmmm why don’t I see what I can do to replicate some of these chocolates in yarn.

Yes the pattern is available to purchase. Here are 2 ways you can purchase the pattern:   From this site, (the cheapest way from this link) or you if you prefer to get it from Etsy at this link:   https://www.etsy.com/listi…/399600335/chocolate-box-tea-cozy 

It is a quick & easy to make and fits your average 4-6-cup Tea Pot Cozy –  Now you can have chocolates all thru the year and they stay fresh !

You just need basic knitting skills
Knitted on the flat with single pointed needles
American terminology & includes metric measurements
Basic knitting stitches are used
The tea cozy is made in Chunky and the rest in Double Knit (DK)
The decorations are ideal to use up any of your scraps of yarn

As with all Marcelline Simonotti patterns, as a gift to you, included in your instant downloadable .pdf pattern is a print-to-cut out & make matching envelop, to store your pattern