Some Testimonials

Hello! I just came across your designs and instantly fell in love! Absolutely adorable! Its already late here (Chicago), but I will definitely purchase quite a few patterns from you. You are an artist! Smiles from the other side of the world! BTW, I have done some traveling in Africa, but never made it that far, had an accident in Gambia after crossing the Sahara. I cherish those memories. Good luck and may you never lose the spunk! – MC from Chicago (originally from Poland)

Pumpkin hedgehog Tea Cosy is a cute pattern with clear instructions.  I love all your tea cosies.  Thank You – Pauline

Marcelline’s your work is AMAZING!! I highly recommend any of the tea cosies and lovely purses .The children’s clothes are lovely to ….this is knitting and crocheting to the highest quality ….Marcelline is very compassionate and creative very kind to shop with… I am extremely happy with the whimsy and shear delight in her creations. Thank you – Wendy

I have just bought a pattern and can’t wait to start knitting, so looking forward to this project. I have already joined your facebook page and I’m looking forward to seeing all future beautiful new creations. You are very talented – Toni

Thank you for all the beautiful patterns. So difficult to choose which one to make. I eventually settled for the  Mushroom Hedgehog Tea cosy pattern this morning  – Amanda

My cosy is delightful! Worth every moment I waited for it to arrive from its long journey. It is so beautifully made and very pretty! I am so pleased! – Kathryn

Link: Daffodil Bank Set –  I might have to buy a Teddy Bear and make this for it to wear – I don’t have children either and this is just as sweet as it gets! Well done! – Trina-Dee

I  just wanted to say wow wow wow i have just finished the fairy Mushroom House tea cosy and cant believe how beautiful it has turned out & it has worked out fantastic.  i cant wait to start on the next one.  I have to say again your patterns are absolutely beautiful and it makes knitting them so much challenging and fun. – Nicole

Yes I finished the cosmos tea cosy and everyone loves it, especially the little mouse and bee.  You know you are making it very difficult to decide which cosy to knit next as they are all so beautiful,decisions decisions. How great is that to be in this position, I used to spend hours on other sites trying to find things that interested me enough to knit. Thanking you again – Michelle

Thanks for the added tip, I am so glad I asked you about the printing of the envelops you provide with your patterns, Marcelline.  Let me tell you how much of a blessing you are to my life!  And you probably didn’t even know it!!!  Sometimes you think it is the most simple thing but it helps another in an unexpected way.  Sorry, but you have to have my background….  I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder in 2012 and had been on chemotherapy for several years and had a bone marrow transplant that did not help much.  So in January of this year I went onto hospice to prepare for the end.  But still  am still making the most of each day.  I endeavor to make a Legacy box for my only daughter because when she gets married and has a child I will probably not be around.  So I bought a big trunk and am filling it with blankets, stuffed animals, crib sheets and so forth.  I plan to make your Watermelon Romper and maybe the Apple sweater for that box.  I am on a strict budget and your adding the tip to print the rest of the actual pattern to “print on both sides” and I was excited!  Of course, what a great and practical idea.  Now I can save so much on paper cost!  Do you see how excited I am?    Anyway, thank you for being a blessing in my life! Loving thoughts and air mail hugs – Julie

I often check to see for a new creation on line.  As they are so unique and beautiful.  I LOVE your work!   It is always great to be able to contact you and ask questions if and when I need to. Now I shall get back to finishing the Cowl, thank you very much. Cheers for now – Tracey

I have bought several of your tea cosy patterns and am delighted as to how they look when finished, I began to knit the strawberry swirl tea cosy last night, very different and surprisingly not hard to do, loving it – Bernadette

All your patterns are all cute it was hard to pick just one! – Trina-Dee

I live in a rural area in Queensland, Australia and I was feeling a bit down today and was just rooting around on the internet until I found our website, wow it is a wonderful pick-me-up – Patricia

Thank you for the update version of the Honey Bee pattern. btw I Love your patterns! – Maureen

You are a genius to come up with such a beautiful pattern. I can only imagine how long it takes you. Thank sooooo much for being there for me. A suggestion for your growing business….if you make videos for the patterns as you make the pattern it would help greatly. I would be the first one to buy it together with the pattern. Continued success – Maritza

Thanks so much for your quick response to my query.  I’m trying to make your Watermelon Bumble Bee pattern it for my grandson who will be born in April – Clarissa

I bought your T Bee Cozy pattern, it is so cute I am enjoying making it – Becky

Thank you again for your warm and friendly response as well as the gorgeous patterns you create!  I’ll definitely be looking to purchase more once I know the sex of the baby!  I had put knitting aside for many years but knitting for a baby is so much fun especially with such lovely patterns to choose from – Linda